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Align Abutment

Natural form of designed custom abutments allowing the crows to look like teeth. It helps to eliminate black holes with patient-specific margin and emergence, making implants as simple as crown & bridge. Ideal computer designed path of insertion. An optimal for multiple unit cases.This type of abutment continues to deliver accuracy and precision with advantages of CAD/CAM technology over the casted abutments.

Key Features:

  • Available in Titanium or Zirconia w/ Ti Base.
  • Compatible with virtually all implant systems.
  • Carefully designed emergence profile in order to create ideal tissue contouring.
  • ALIGN Abutments are digitally manufactured through the use of CAD/CAM technology.
  • Abutments consider emergence profile, margin design, tissue depth,location and Axis of Implant.
  • Abutments are available in titanium, zirconia, gold plated-titanium, or anodized.
  • Crowns are digitally manufactured over implant abutments using CAD/CAM technology.
  • Restorations available in both cement retained or screw retained

Cement Retained Prosthesis

Cement retained Implant supported prosthesis is fabricated on stock or custom made titanium abutments. Abutment selection depends on inter-implant angulation or axis of implant.


  • Optimized Implant-Abutment fit
  • Less chances of screw loosening
SCRP (Screw- and cement- retained prosthesis)

Difficulty of removing subgingival excess cement and the irretrievability of the superstructure are major drawbacks to cement-retained prostheses.

A newly designed screw- and cement-retained prosthesis (SCRP) may solve these problems with its passivity, retrievability, and ease in the complete removal of excess cement, giving it the advantages of both screw-retained and cement-retained prostheses. This prosthetic system is mainly composed of a cement-retained framework with screw holes on the occlusal surface and specially designed cementable abutments for multiunit prostheses.

Screw Retaind Prosthesis

Screw retained crown and bridge have distinctive advantage over cement retained restorations.

Characteristics Include:

  • Easily retrievable as it can be removed without damaging restoration and advert removal forces on Implant.
  • Regular maintenance and hygiene is easy.
  • Predictable retention.
  • Clinical response may be improved when no cement is necessary.
  • Immediate loading when indicated.
  • Provides rigid Splinting when using multiple implants, enhancing implant stability.

Screw Retained CoCr PFM Provides Optimal Esthetics with natural appearance. Monolithic and Layered Zirconia Restoration is fabricated with Titanium Interface which ensures Precise and Native fit with the Implant base and Implant platform. - Fabricated over Ti Base Or Milled Titanium Framework.

Screw Retained CoCr PFM Provides Optimal precision and Strength ensuring precise Fit. Can be fabricated with CoCr Cad Cam milling as well MLS technology.

The Paulo-Malo Concept Rosthesis

Case Selection: The Vertical height between edentulous arches should be minimum 14 to 16 mm.

This concept allows to hide Labial Screw access hole in Screw Retained Implant supported Prosthesis.

  • Excellent Esthetics because of depth of separate crowns.
  • Crowns & Underlying Framework are light weight.
  • Freedom of choosing Zirconia or Metal Ceramic Crowns over Framework.

Digital Hybrid Denture

Choice of Materials:

  • Zirconia
  • PMMA

Digital Hybrid Denture incorporates pink Gingival base and Teeth in one piece (Monolithic).

This increases the Strength and eliminates possibility of teeth pop out.

Ideal for cases with less inter-occlusal space.Comparatively lighter than conventional Hybrid Denture.No/Minimal Chairside adjustments.

Conventional Hybrid Denture

  • Denture teeth are set in acrylic.
  • Unique design of the bar provides retention to each tooth.
  • As light weight as conventional denture.
  • Characterized Hybrid Denture gives life like appearance.

High Performance Polymers/Resins


  • Implant Bars and Implant Supported Over Dentures
  • Attachments
  • As light weight as conventional denture.
  • Crown and Bridges with Cantilever
  • Complete or Partial Denture

Choice of Materials:

  • PEEK

Choice of Materials:

  • Bio-compatible
  • Metal Free
  • Strong and Durable
  • High Shock Absorbing Capacity
  • Very Low Solubility and Water Absorbency is less.
  • Non Reactive to Thermal and Electrical Simulation
  • Tasteless
  • Visible in X-Ray Comparatively
  • Lighter Than Titanium
  • Non-cariogenic

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