Evoq Digitemps

EVOQ DIGITEMPS are CAD-CAM powered PMMA ( Acrylic ) Restorations - aesthetics, temporary functionality and economical favorability they are very popular and well desired. CAD.CAM-powered production enables us to provide traditional or implant based temporary crowns and bridges, temporary abutments and Aesthetic Prototypes (PMMA/Acrylic Try-ins) with the highest degree of accuracy and quality.

Aesthetic Prototype - is PMMA product , that work as PMMA (Acrylic) try-in. If the restoration is involved full arch traditional or implant based zirconia restorations or restorations of any kind in anterior teeth area, we provide Aesthetic Prototype. Most importantly, it works as a proposed design and eliminates the cost of remaking whole restoration if patient or doctor is not pleased with it. Furthermore, it verifies margins, shape and size of the restorations as well as bite. Since it is made off acrylic material it can be adjusted or acrylic can be added in the mouth to guide for final restoration.

Temporary Crowns and Bridges - Implant based or traditional crowns and bridges are also produced out of different types of PMMA depending on the desired time period of use by patient. For implant based temporary restorations Ti bases or trimmed down temporary Ti abutments are used as a means of connection to the implant.

Eggshell Temporary Crowns and Bridges - are temporary crowns and bridges that can be used immediately after crown preparation. These PMMA (Acrylic) restorations have 0.5 mm wall thickness and enough space to reline the bridge or crowns in the mouth. Depending on the time desired for having the temporaries on different types of PMMA material available, with different durability degrees.