Crown & Bridges

Every Crown & Bridge is made with Finest Material Available.

Zirconia Crown & Bridges


Platina Zirconia

Range of Ultra Translucent Zirconia which is provided as Layered and Monolithic variants.Exclusively Layered with Ivoclar Emax Ceram.Highly Recommended for anterior cases with High Esthetics demand.

Premium Zirconia

Premium Range of Highly Translucent Zirconia which is provided as Layered and Monolithic variants.Highly Recommended for cases with Bruxism and Limited Occlusal Clearance


Prima/Prime Zirconia

  • Economic and Durable
  • Fully Biocompatible
  • Full Ceramic High Strength ZrO2 Framework
  • Veneered With E-Max Ceram
  • Wide Range of Application

Lithium Di-Silicate Glass Ceramics

Lifelike shade behaviour for highly esthetic solutions Long-lasting restorations due to high strength Versatile use and wide range of indications

Lifelike esthetic results – irrespective of the colour of the prepared tooth Adhesive, self-adhesive and conventional cementation, depending on the indication

  • Cad-Cam Milled or Pressed Ceramic
  • Anterior / Posterior crowns
  • Inlays/ Onlays
  • Veneers/Thin Veneers

Digital PFM

100% CAD-CAM made Framework Pattern and Metal Framework.Digitally detected and eliminated undercuts.CAD-CAM precision ensures good marginal Fit and evaluates exact Occlusal Clearance.



Uniform Metal framework without any kind of voids.Lighter than conventional Casted or CAD-CAM Ni-Cr Metal Ceramics


  • Long span Bridges with high precision without risk of casting errors.
  • Metal ceramics crown and bridges
  • Screw retained implant bridges
  • Bars for Implant Supported Sub Structures.


3D Printed pattern can be tried and altered in in patients’ mouth to ensure marginal fit and Bite reference and Undercut verification before metal fabrication.

  • Uniform Metal framework without any kind of voids.
  • Lighter than conventional Casted Metal Ceramics.
  • Less Chances of Human Error.

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